So glad we didn't sign this guy


I remember last month, former Cowboy Center Phil Costa visited the Lions and could have been the eventual successor to Dominic Raiola. Now at age 26, he's decided to retire, dodged a bullet there!

Justin Gilbert to visit Lions this week


Is Derek Carr the new Matt Stafford?


I can definitely see the similarities, and would be interesting to see how that plays out.

WTF Matty


Apparently Matt Stafford is ignoring "Outside Criticism" when it comes to his play. He needs to be listening to any credible criticism and learn to make better throws. Just closing your eyes, plugging your ears and saying "I'm the best!" isn't going to cut it. His pay is ridiculous and needs to prove that he's worth it.

Lions on BroSports


BroSports is a podcast that my brother and I started almost two years ago. We try to bring a solid mixture of sports talk, geek speak, and comedy. This week we did an offseason preview of the Lions so I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy the whole show or skip right to the Lions talk at 18:00.

Sammy Watkins: Let's make it happen!


I will be the First person to get this Jersey. (Along with my Delmas and Megatron Jersey)

The Return of Mike Williams and Charles Rogers

2 just had to use Charles Rogers and Mike Williams as their examples of 1st round WR busts.

Interview with RotoRob Fantasy Football Weekly


I stopped by the RotoRob Fantasy Football Weekly podcast. My interview starts 31 minutes in.

Ndamukong Suh helps Nike launch new U.S. Soccer jerseys


Matthew Stafford appears to have gotten engaged