Matt Patricia on the Eagles: "They're Extremely Tough" - Eagles On the Phone


Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia discusses Sunday's matchup (Sept 22, 2019)with the Eagles and more.

Chargers break down Sunday's tough loss, "We hurt ourselves."


Interesting to listen to the Chargers. They sound like we did last week. No one thinks it is ok to lose.

Stafford Highlights vs Chargers Sept. 15, 2019


Some really nice (and hard) throws in here. Excellent pocket awareness on a day when he was not sacked and faced relatively little pressure.

Watch This Video About Matthew Stafford vs Falcons


This is a great video about why Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions play the type of game that can beat the Falcons.

Top 10 Detroit Lions 1st Round Draft Picks since 1966


Since the draft is a week away, I dove into every first round pick the Lions have made since 1966 and picked out, in my opinion, the 10 best selections the Lions have made. Let me know what you think!

Happy Holidays from POD


Thank you very much for bringing this lovely music to our attention, POD reader @molokococoa!

VIDEO: How does Stafford work his wizardry?


Watch Matthew Stafford put the Lions "Over the Top."

VIDEO: Get amped for the... Detroit defense?


We're not totally sold on the defense (yet), but some crucial stops in the past few weeks indicate this unit might not be as bad as we thought it was.

Note: Click through to watch it on YouTube directly if the embedded player won't play.

Stafford to Tate OT Winner, re-done in Tecmo Super Bowl with radio call.


Stafford to Tate OT Winner, re-done in Tecmo Super Bowl with radio call.