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Lion's Tail Gate

How to ‘homegate’: A step-by-step guide to throwing a Lions watch party

When it comes to catching a Lions game in the comfort of your own home, it’s up to you to make great calls—and here’s how you do it.

Lions season preview: Honolulu Blue Kool Aid 2021

A season preview...poisonous odes to language, poetry, misunderstanding and booze...

Ford Field guide to Thanksgiving Day food items

A full guide to the best Ford Field offerings this Thanksgiving.

Your guide to the new 2019 food options at Ford Field

A look at the new menu options for the 2019 season.

Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid recipe, 2018 edition

Ego-death by football.

Power ranking the Detroit Lions’ new food items at Ford Field

I got to eat food. Food is good.

Meat and Greet: Pride of Detroit gets a ‘Taste of the Lions’

Jerry Mallory reviews the 2018 charity event.

Best 2018 Super Bowl snack: Buffalo Chicken pastry bites

It’s time for Flavortown LII.

Revenge of Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid recipe: World Domination 2017

Death cannot save you now.

Here’s your recipe for Honolulu Blue Kool Aid 2016


Golden Tate's drinking our favorite cocktail

Golden Tate and his beloved share a drink that's near and dear to our hearts here at Pride Of Detroit.

Pride Of Detroit Super Bowl chicken recipe!

Super Bowl means chicken. Lots of chicken. Eat our sticky chicken.