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NFL Open Threads

Open thread: Who is your favorite personality on the Lions?

The Lions have quickly become one of the more popular teams in the NFL, and a lot of the goodwill surrounding the team revolves around it’s young talent.

Open thread: How big of a role will Marvin Jones have for the 2023 Lions?

By signing Marvin Jones Jr., the Lions are returning a reliable veteran presence to their receiver room. But how big of a role will he have this season?

Wednesday open thread: How should the Lions fill their DT need?

With veteran DT Calais Campbell headed to the Atlanta Falcons, what route should the Detroit Lions look towards in order to fill their biggest need at defensive tackle?

POLL: Have you ever been this optimistic about the Detroit Lions?

Have the Detroit Lions reached a level of unprecedented optimism?

Open thread: Which coordinator is under more pressure to succeed?

The Detroit Lions will need their coordinators to have a successful 2023 if they want to make the playoffs. Which coordinator is under more pressure to perform?

Open thread: Will the Lions beat their 2023 NFL Vegas win total?

DraftKings, the official sportsbook of SB Nation, has set the win total for the 2023 Detroit Lions.

Open thread: How should the Lions replace DJ Chark?

The Detroit Lions were interested in re-signing DJ Chark but the wide receiver signed in Carolina. So what other free agents or draft picks could help

Open thread: Would you support the Detroit Lions drafting Jalen Carter?

All-American defensive tackle Jalen Carter has seen his stock dip as of late. Could he slide to 6th overall, and would the Lions consider taking him there?

POLL: Who is the Lions’ biggest threat in the NFC North?

Vegas likes the Lions, but the division should be up for grabs this fall.

Open thread: Which Lions defensive back are you most excited to watch this year?

The Lions have gone headfirst into the defensive back free agent market.

Who will be the Lions’ 3 starting cornerbacks in Week 1 of 2023?

The Detroit Lions have overhauled their cornerback room in free agency. So who will be the team’s starters in Week 1.

Open thread: What are your expectations for the Lions secondary in 2023?

Free agency can change the identity of a position. The Lions secondary is looking like a whole new threat.

Open thread: Which free agent signing will have the biggest on-field impact?

After an active first week of free agency, the Lions have added several players to the fold. Which one makes the biggest impact in 2023?

Open thread: Which Lions free agency signing has been the best so far?

The Detroit Lions have been one of the most active teams in free agency so far.

POLL: Will the Lions sign any more skill position free agents?

The Detroit Lions’ offense is already in great shape, but it can always get stronger.

POLL: Would you have rather the Lions signed Jamaal Williams or David Montgomery?

Considering we know the cost of each running back on the open market, which running back would you have preferred the Lions choose?

Open thread: Which Detroit Lions free agent signing has been your favorite so far?

The Detroit Lions have been louder than usual in free agency thus far. So which move has been your favorite?

What is the Detroit Lions’ biggest remaining need?

Resetting the Detroit Lions’ biggest needs after the first day of the free agency tampering period.

2023 NFL free agency legal tampering period live updates, open thread

All the latest NFL free agency news and reactions during the 2023 tampering period.

Open thread: Will the Detroit Lions make a splash signing in free agency?

Will the Detroit Lions try to secure themselves a top free agent this offseason?

Open thread: Which NFL Draft prospect helped themselves the most at the Combine?

Who made themselves some more money come draft day?

Should the Lions bring home Darius Slay or Graham Glasgow?

Two former Lions players are suddenly available. Should the Lions try and acquire either of them?

Open thread: Would you be surprised if Matthew Stafford is traded?

With the recent rumor that the Los Angeles Rams are actively shopping Stafford, would you be shocked if the Super Bowl winning quarterback was moved?

Open thread: How different will the Lions’ cornerback room look this season?

Changes are coming to the Detroit secondary.

Open thread: Should the Lions make a play for Lamar Jackson?

With Jackson’s non-exclusive franchise tag, the unthinkable just became a possibility.

Open thread: Should the Lions try to sign LB Eric Kendricks?

Eric Kendricks has given the Lions hell for nearly a decade. But now Kendricks is a free agent. Should the Lions try to bring him aboard?

Open thread: Which defensive prospect was the biggest winner of the combine?

Which NFL Draft defensive prospect had the best performance at the 2023 NFL Combine?

Combine drills Day 2 live results: Defensive backs, special teamers

A live-updating post from the 2023 NFL Combine with the latest results, measurables from the defensive back class.

Open thread: Which player can the Lions least afford to lose to free agency?

With free agency just around the corner, it’s almost time for general manager Brad Holmes to make some difficult decisions regarding pending free agents.

2023 NFL Combine drills Day 1 live results: Defensive line, linebackers

A live-updating post from the 2023 NFL Combine with the latest results, measurables from the linebackers and defensive linemen.

POLL: Where will Aaron Rodgers end up?

When will this saga finally end?

POLL: What’s the Lions’ biggest position of need?

Detroit still has needs to address this offseason, but for the first time in a long time, the Lions have stability at a number of positions—so where must Brad Holmes upgrade this team during the offseason?

Open thread: Do you approve of an Aaron Glenn contract extension?

The Detroit Lions are reportedly giving their defensive coordinator a contract extension—do you approve?

Open thread: How many XFL games have you watched so far?

There have already been some really fun games.

Open thread: Who will be the Lions’ next cap casualty?

With free agency set to start in mid-March, the Lions could be making some additional moves to free up more money.

Lions fans have mixed reaction to Germany game rumors

Most Lions fans seem excited about the Detroit Lions potentially playing in Germany, but not everyone is on board.


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