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NFL Opinion

Opinions on the entire National Football League

Open thread: Which defensive back will you be watching this season?

There are a whole lot of interesting pieces in the Detroit secondary.

Open thread: Which Lions player is set up to have a breakout season?

With one of the youngest teams in the NFL, a number of different players could see breakout seasons, but which one will make the biggest leap?

POLL: Which side of the ball cannot afford to stagnate for the Lions in 2022?

The two units enter the season in different places, but Detroit needs improvement from both.

Sunday open thread: Which Lions player/coach are you most excited to see on Hard Knocks?

No wrong answers here.

Open thread: Did the NFL get the overtime rule right?

Both teams are now guaranteed a possession in the postseason.

Do you approve of Detroit signing Jarrad Davis?

The former first-round pick of the Lions back in 2017 has returned to Detroit—how ‘bout them apples?

The NFL, XFL partnership not involving a developmental league is a mistake

Both leagues will regret this move.

Open thread: What would be the Lions’ equivalent of the Rams’ war room?

The Rams are going swanky this draft season.

Open thread: Who’s your pick for 2021 NFL MVP?

Matthew Stafford is a lucrative bet.

Open thread: Which positions would you not take in the first round?

Some positions hold a lot more value than others.

Open thread: What’s the most boring Super Bowl you’ve ever watched?

...and why is it last week’s Super Bowl?

Open thread: Which team has the worst Super Bowl odds in 2021?

Sports betting aside, which team do you think is in the worst position?

Super Bowl 2021 preview, On Paper: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Our Super Bowl preview is here!

Aaron Rodgers speaks of ‘uncertain’ future but trade seems logistically impossible

Aaron Rodgers trade rumors are about to blow up, but don’t buy into them.

Who succeeds more in the NFL: Offensive-minded or defensive-minded head coaches?

Is it really as simple to just go for the offensive guru?

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: What’s at stake this Christmas weekend

We look at the big games of Week 16 and what’s at stake for the playoff race.

Week 14 Power Rankings: The race for a top-five draft pick

A look at the race for a bottom-five pick.

Week 13 Power Rankings: Where the wild card race stands

NFL Week 12 power rankings: The race for a 1 seed tightens up

The Rams take a big jump up, while it doesn’t look like anyone will compete with the Chiefs or Steelers.

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings: Breaking down the divisional favorites

There are not many run away leaders 10 weeks into the season.

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Upsets shake up the top

Week 9 shook up the top of the NFL in a big way.

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Lions on the rise, Patriots on last breath

In an exciting week of football, the Lions and Patriots went streaking in opposite directions.

NFL Week 7 power rankings: Packers slide, Lions stay put

Two contenders hold steady in the AFC, while the Bucs may be unstoppable in the NFC>

NFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Big shakeups at the top

Some of the best teams in the NFL looked vulnerable in Week 5.

NFL Week 5 viewing guide: How Lions fans should spend Sunday

What to watch this week since the Lions are not on TV.

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: COVID strikes, favorites dominate

Not much change at the top or the bottom. But some shake ups in the middle.

Week 4 power rankings: Lions’ last-second win doesn’t move the needle

The Lions’ win wasn’t too convincing, while there’s two clear contenders at the top of each conference.

2020 NFL power rankings: Top 10 teams entering Week 1

So, it is time to actually finish this list.

2020 NFL Team Previews: The Denver Broncos have Mile High potential

Denver has a new franchise quarterback, a ton of receivers and a fun defense, can they put it all together and return to the playoffs once again?

NFL season predictions: NFC North, Super Bowl LV winners

Let’s kick off this NFL season with a batch of predictions and

2020 team previews: The Cardinals are rising out of the desert

Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray may bring a quick turn around to the Arizona Cardinals.

Team previews: The Cleveland Browns have to be good eventually, right?

The Browns were 2019 offseason champions in 2019, and then failed miserably. They can’t fail that hard again... can they?

Team previews: The Vikings have just enough left to compete

Minnesota lost a ton of pieces this offseason, but they still may have enough top end talent to compete this year.

2020 NFL team previews: Is this Aaron Rodgers’ last dance?

The Green Bay Packers quarterback should be more motivated than ever this season, and that is a scary prospect for anyone in the teams path.

Team previews: How far can Deshaun Watson carry the Texans?

Houston has an absolute star at quarterback, but they have ton a terrible job putting him in a situation to succeed.

NFL Team Previews: Don’t buy the Buffalo Bills hype

We have seen this story play out before. Don’t be surprised if the Bills fall flat on their face this season.