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NFL Playoffs

All the postseason analysis from Pride of Detroit, SB Nation's Detroit Lions blog.

Super Bowl 2023, Eagles vs. Chiefs: How to watch, game time, TV schedule, streaming, and more

All the TV, online streaming, radio, and announcer information for Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

POLL: Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

The Eagles and the Chiefs are set to face off in the big game Sunday.

NFL Conference Championships open thread: 49ers at Eagles, Bengals at Chiefs

Hang out for what should be two amazing Conference Championship games.

NFL Sunday Divisional Round open thread: Bills vs. Bengals; Cowboys vs. 49ers

Come hang out in our open thread for all of Saturday afternoon/evening/night as the Division Round of the NFL playoffs closes out.

Best prop bets for Bills vs. Bengals, Cowboys vs. 49ers

Sorting through the best prop bets for Sunday’s slate of playoff action.

Which teams will win their Divisional Round games on Saturday?

Picking winners for Saturday’s Divisional Round games.

Ranking the 8 remaining NFL playoff teams by rootability

Which teams remaining in the playoffs are the easiest to root for?

Detroit Lions eliminated from playoffs after Seahawks win

The Los Angeles Rams put up a big fight, but the Seattle Seahawks edged them out and knocked the Detroit Lions out of playoff contention.

Detroit Lions Week 18 rooting guide: Playoff scenarios, seeding, draft order

A look at the best outcomes for the Lions’ playoff odds, seeding and 2023 NFL Draft order.

5 reasons the Rams could beat the Seahawks and help Lions’ playoff path

There are serious reasons to believe the Rams could pull off an upset in Week 18 and help the Lions get into the playoffs.

Lions mailbag: How realistic are Detroit’s playoff chances?

Jeremy and Erik discuss the probability that the Rams beat the Seahawks, and the Lions defeat the Packers.

Breaking down the most ridiculous Detroit Lions playoff scenario

Everyone knows the 2 scenarios that can get the Detroit Lions into the playoffs. But there is a third, very ridiculous way, too.

NFC playoff picture: Detroit Lions need Week 18 win, plus help to clinch

The Detroit Lions do not control their playoff destiny, but they only need a little help in Week 18.

Rooting guide: How Lions can get control of own playoff destiny

The Lions could be in a "win-and-you’re-in" playoff scenario for Week 18 if these things happen on Sunday.

How Lions, Vikings can team up to eliminate Packers from playoffs in Week 17

The Green Bay Packers could be out of the playoffs by Sunday night if the Lions and Vikings team up.

Detroit Lions Week 17 playoff elimination scenarios

A look at how the Detroit Lions could be eliminated from playoff contention as soon as this Sunday.

The Detroit Lions had a very bad Christmas

After getting a lot of help in the playoff race on Saturday, Sunday’s results were all bad for the Detroit Lions.

NFC playoff picture update: Lions miss big opportunity, but get a lot of help

The Lions missed a perfect opportunity to jump into a playoff spot, but their postseason hopes aren’t dead yet.

Rooting guide: Lions could have playoff spot, top-2 pick by Christmas

A top-2 pick and a playoff spot are on the line this week for the Detroit Lions. Here are the teams you should be rooting for.

How Detroit Lions can clinch a playoff spot before playing Packers in Week 18

The Week 18 game against the Packers in Lambeau could mean nothing to the Detroit Lions—as they can clinch a playoff spot with these VERY REALISTIC outcomes in the next two weeks.

Open thread: Will the Detroit Lions make the playoffs?

Will the Detroit Lions finish out this miraculous run with a postseason trip? Let’s hear what fans think.

Playoff picture: Detroit Lions just 1 game out of the Wild Card

After taking care of business vs. the Jets, the Detroit Lions are just one game out of a playoff spot in the NFC.

Saturday rooting guide: Best outcomes for Lions’ playoff odds, draft position

A look at the best possible outcomes for the Detroit Lions in the NFL’s Saturday triple-header.

Why 49ers vs. Seahawks is a HUGE game for Lions’ playoff chances

A closer look at the playoff implications for the Detroit Lions in Thursday night’s 49ers vs. Seahawks game.

Playoff odds: How likely is the postseason if the Lions finish 3-1? 

Looking at NFL playoff odds from several probability models to dissect the Detroit Lions’ playoff chances if they win out or lose one more game.

Updated NFC playoff picture: Detroit Lions get some serious help in Wild Card race

The Detroit Lions now have a somewhat realistic path to a Wild Card spot... as long as they keep winning.

Week 14 rooting guide: Best outcomes for Lions playoff odds, draft order

Breaking down the best possible Week 14 outcomes for the Detroit Lions’ playoff odds and draft position.

NFC Playoff picture: Detroit Lions jump one spot in Wild Card race

The Detroit Lions are surging, and even after a tough week in the NFC, they’re still a little closer to a playoff spot.

Week 13 rooting guide: Best outcomes for playoffs odds, draft position

Here are the best outcomes to maximize the Detroit Lions’ playoff odds and draft capital.

Playoff update: Teams the Lions could realistically jump in the Wild Card

The Detroit Lions are 2.5 games out of a playoff spot, but we take a look at the route to the postseason if they go on a run.

Detroit Lions Week 12 rooting guide: Best results for NFC playoff picture

Things got a bit more complicated after the loss to the Bills, but the Lions are still "in the hunt" for a playoff spot.

Lions Rooting Guide: Best outcomes for NFC playoff picture

A closer look at the best outcomes for the Detroit Lions’ chances in the NFC playoff picture.

NFC playoff picture: Detroit Lions just 1.5 games out of Wild Card spot

The Detroit Lions are no longer comically "In The Race" for a playoff spot. They’re actually in the competition.

Detroit Lions Week 11 rooting guide: Best outcomes to help playoff odds

The Detroit Lions could end Week 11 just a game out of a playoff spot. Here’s how.

Super Bowl 2022 open thread: Bengals vs. Rams

An exciting season comes to a close tonight. Who wins?

Super Bowl 2022 Prop Bets: Best wagers, odds for Rams vs. Bengals

A look at the best and craziest prop bets for Super Bowl Sunday.


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