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Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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All about Pride of Detroit

Find out why Pride of Detroit is the destination for Detroit Lions fans!

Pride of Detroit is a website dedicated to fans of the Detroit Lions that invites fans to join in the conversation and share their opinions on their favorite team.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Reisman, Pride of Detroit has a diverse staff of content creators who research, report and produce articles, videos and podcasts on all aspects of the Lions. The site has specialized sections covering news, training camp, injuries, free agency, depth chart, the NFL Draft, game summaries, power rankings, team history, salary cap and sports betting odds.

Whether it’s sharing hopes for a long-awaited Super Bowl, in-person reporting from training camp, deep-diving into player interviews, or discussing the upcoming week’s opponent, Pride of Detroit always has something important to share with fans no matter what the time of year.

Follow Pride of Detroit on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please be sure to read and follow our community guidelines.

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