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Pride Of Detroit Community Guidelines

Basic rules for commenting on Pride Of Detroit

1. Be respectful and keep it civil. With so many passionate people on the site, discussions can sometimes get heated, but it's important be civil with other users of the community in order to keep things at a respectful level. This means no name calling, personal attacks, etc. (This also extends to Lions players and other members of the organization. Mean-spirited name calling will not be tolerated.)

2. No hate speech. From a language standpoint, things are pretty relaxed here on POD. Swearing is permitted as long as it is kept within reason (if every other word in a sentence is an F-bomb or something like that, you're likely crossing the line). With that said, hate speech is not acceptable on this site.

3. No politics, religion, etc. Things are also pretty relaxed when it comes to staying on topic, but there are certain subjects that are strictly forbidden, including politics, religion and things of that nature.

4. Keep it safe for work. Pictures and links that are inappropriate/not safe for work are not allowed. If there's ever a situation where you're uncertain what qualifies as inappropriate or not safe for work, it's always best to err on the side of caution.

5. Don't spam. If the sole reason you're on the site is to promote something and you haven't received permission to do so, you are spamming. Don't do that.

6. Don't troll. Along the same lines, if the sole reason you're on the site is to stir the pot and disrupt the community, you're trolling. Don't do that, either.


As far as the moderation process goes, it really depends on the situation. If you innocently violate a rule, chances are your comment will just be deleted. If you show a pattern of behavior of violating the rules, however, then you will receive a warning. And if you continue to violate the rules after receiving a warning, you will be banned. If the situation warrants it, a ban could be temporary, but if it gets to the point where a ban is necessary, chances are it will be permanent. (And if you are banned and attempt to create a new username on the site to get around it, the new username will simply be banned as well.)

In certain situations, there are times where the moderation process will skip right to the ban step. If you're spamming or trolling, for instance, that is going to be an immediate ban. And if you maliciously violate one of the other rules, chances are that will be an immediate ban as well.


If you believe someone broke a rule, please flag their comment for review. Do not abuse the flag system, though. If you consistently flag comments that are not actually breaking the rules, then you will be subject to a warning and potentially a ban.

In closing

At the end of the day, just remember why we're all here: to talk about football and the Lions. While debates are bound to become heated at times given the passion of fans, it's important to be respectful and civil toward each other. More than anything, just keep this in mind: Treat others as you would want to be treated.