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Pride Of Detroit Podcast

Why not to worry about the Detroit Lions’ ‘expensive’ offense

We cover what’s ballooned the Lions costs

Lions mailbag: Why we’re still optimistic about Jeff Okudah

On our latest Detroit Lions mailbag podcast, we explain while we’re still optimistic about Jeff Okudah’s chances in 2022.

Detroit Lions live Q&A show: Training camp is just 4 short weeks away

Come join us on Saturday morning for a live question and answer session on anything and everything Detroit Lions.

Busting some false narratives about Aidan Hutchinson

NFC North preview: How the Lions stack up vs. their rivals

Is anyone ready to topple the Packers?

Ask POD: What are the benefits of Detroit Lions keeping 2 vs. 3 quarterbacks?

We take an early look at the Detroit Lions’ upcoming decision on their quarterback room, which could have a big impact on the makeup of the rest of the roster.

An early look at the Detroit Lions roster bubble

After minicamp, who’s in and who’s out?

Ask POD: What kind of Year 2 jump can we expect from Lions coaches?

Will we see improvements and changes from the Detroit Lions coaching staff? We answer that and more in our mailbag podcast.

Why we’ve only seen a fraction of what Jameson Williams is capable of

Travis Reier of BamaOnLine explains to us why Detroit Lions rookie WR Jameson Williams is capable of much more than what we saw in 2021.

Recapping Detroit Lions minicamp, ‘Inside the Den’ video

The Lions show more sizzle in the dead of summer.

Ask POD: Where does the Lions’ roster rank in the NFC North?

We break down where the Detroit Lions may stand in the pecking order of the NFC North for the 2022 season.

Detroit Lions live Q&A show: Minicamp edition

Come join us on Sunday morning for a live Detroit Lions question and answer session about minicamp, "Inside the Den", surprise retirements, and more,

Why Lions rookie Josh Paschal is the perfect fit in Detroit’s defensive scheme

Nick Roush of Kentucky Sports Radio joined our podcast to tell us everything about Paschal’s successful—and emotional—career in college, and what Lions fans should expect in the NFL.

How Ben Johnson hopes to deliver Jared Goff’s best season

The new Lions offensive coordinator wants to deliver big for his quarterback.

Mailbag: Breaking down Detroit Lions’ progress in 2022 OTAs vs. 2021

We discuss the biggest differences in the Detroit Lions’ OTA program from last year to this year.

Why the Detroit Lions should expect Kerby Joseph to contribute by Year 2

Illinois beat writer Bob Asmussen joined our podcast to explain why Lions third-round pick Kerby Joseph will likely be contributing on defense by 2023.

Breaking down Detroit Lions biggest storylines from Week 1 of OTAs

Parsing the first signs of life for the team’s 2022 campaign.

Which Detroit Lions players will benefit, struggle under new defensive scheme?

Our live Detroit Lions Q&A show answers a ton of your questions, including which players will benefit most from the defensive scheme changes.

The 3 biggest questions the Detroit Lions must answer in 2022

In spite of hype, there’s some key issues with the Detroit Lions. We break them down on our latest episode of the PODcast.

Mailbag: Can Jared Goff recapture Rams magic with improved weapons?

Jared Goff suddenly finds himself in a very comfortable situation. Our podcast crew debates whether that means he can revive his career in Detroit.

Why the Detroit Lions may have gotten a steal in Malcolm Rodriguez

OSU writer Scott Wright chatted with us and told us why the Detroit Lions got "great value" in sixth-round pick Malcolm Rodriguez.

How winnable are the Detroit Lions’ biggest games?

We break down the winnability and watchability of every game on the Detroit Lions’ 2022 schedule.

Can the Detroit Lions capitalize on a smooth start?

Breaking down the full Detroit Lions 2022 schedule, from an early bye week to a potentially smooth start.

How James Houston dominated his 2021 season at Jackson State

Jackson State podcast "Tiger Talk" joined our podcast to talk about James Houston’s dominant 2021 season and expectations for the Detroit Lions’ sixth-round pick

What are Year 1 expectations for the Detroit Lions’ rookie class?

Breaking down the rookie impact and a whole lot of hopium

Mailbag: How hard should Detroit Lions fans be drinking the Kool Aid?

It’s always the most optimistic around here after the NFL Draft. But is there something different about the 2022 Detroit Lions that warrants valid hope?

Getting to know a 2022 Detroit Lions draft pick: CB Chase Lucas

We talked to Arizona State beat writer Hod Rabino, and he explained why Lions 7th-round pick Chase Lucas may be a very fun player to cover.

Analyzing the Detroit Lions’ 2022 draft class

All seven rounds, all players, all analyzed

‘Mathbomb’ helps break down the Lions’ Day 2 selections

Less trading shenanigans, but same deal - We pick!

Breaking down all of the Lions’ options with their 5 top-100 picks

Not much farther now. The draft is upon us.

Lions mailbag: Are Brad Holmes’ aggressive tendencies cause for concern?

Jeremy, Erik, and Ryan answer your Detroit Lions questions just day before the 2022 NFL Draft.

Brett Whitefield makes strong case for Malik Willis to Detroit Lions at 2

It’s not the popular pick, but friend of the show Brett Whitefield made a compelling case for the Detroit Lions drafting Malik Willis with the second overall pick.

Cutting through the Detroit Lions draft rumors

With just over a week to go, there’s rumors all over the place. What’s fact and what’s fiction?

Detroit Lions mailbag: How viable are first-round trade backs for Detroit?

Trade backs are hard to predict in the NFL Draft, but we know the Detroit Lions would benefit from more picks. In our latest call-in show, we discuss the potential options for Lions GM Brad Holmes.

Podcast: The Ringer’s Danny Kelly debates ‘safe’ vs. high-upside picks for Lions

With no clear-cut pick at No. 2, do the Detroit Lions go with the safer pick or the player who could potentially give them the most value, despite red flags?

What Dan Campbell has revealed of the Lions draft strategy

Dan Campbell had a lot to say last week. How much of it revealed the Detroit Lions’ draft plans, and how much of it was smokescreening?