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Things Of That Nature

Happy New Year, from Quandre Diggs

The end is finally here. Let's keep the mood buoyant by looking at a bunch of GIFs of Quandre Diggs.

Don't give Golden Tate so much space

This holiday season, we're examining the great leveler in the Lions' offense.

Things of that nature: Ben Watson's resurgence

With Jimmy Graham out west, the New Orleans Saints have been leaning on a 12-year veteran to pick up the slack.

The Rams are too aggressive for their own good

After the 100th obituary for the Lions' playoff hopes, let's talk about how tight ends and running backs have been killing the St. Louis Rams lately.

Why is Theo Riddick so productive?

The Lions' third-year running back isn't just great in space; he's great at creating it.

Changes to the run game pay dividends

The Lions enjoyed a modicum of success on the ground against the Oakland Raiders by breaking from old habits. Let's be thankful for that.

Things of that nature: Secondary is primary

There will be no end to the mirth from Week 10. Let's talk about the Lions' coverage efforts against Green Bay last week.

Are the Packers vulnerable to the long ball?

In the past two weeks, the Green Bay Packers have given up more than a few big plays on defense. Can the Lions continue that trend on Sunday? (Probably not, but read on anyway.)

Dinking and dunking with the Chiefs

For Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs, the deep ball is anathema.

Things of that nature: Optimism, All Day

Adrian Peterson shredded the Lions in Week 2, but he's been held in check for long stretches of 2015. Week 6, here we come.

Things of that nature: The Bears run defense

For Week 6, we're talking about a true weakness vs. weakness matchup. Feel the excitement!

The zone blitz against Seattle

Before Kam Chancellor and the illegal bat that wasn't, the Lions needed a gift to get back into the game in Week 4. Teryl Austin made it happen.

Things of that nature: Checking in on Ziggy Ansah

For Week 4, let's stave off the cold grip of depression by talking about one of the few bright spots for the Lions this season: Ziggy Ansah.

Things of that nature: Offensive identity crises

Going into Week 3, the Broncos' and Lions' offenses have performed far below expectations. What gives?

Things of that nature: Mind the A-gap

We're in Week 2. Let's talk some more about the offensive line's struggles.

Things of that nature: The Gates-less Chargers

Football is finally here. Let's talk about the San Diego Chargers' passing attack in the absence of the team's star tight end.

Defending the Cowboys' rushing attack

The playoffs are here. Let's talk about the most intriguing matchup of the weekend.

Defending the deep ball and attaining salvation

Lambeau looms. For our final regular-season "Things of that nature," we're looking at how the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills stymied the Green Bay Packers' downfield passing game.

The Bears' aversion to downfield throws

This season, the Chicago Bears offense has almost systematically avoided pushing the ball downfield. Will that trend continue with Jimmy Clausen under center? I'm banking this week's article on it!

Things of that nature: Use of the RB screen

Heading into Week 15, we're figuring out how the Detroit Lions employ screen passes to their running backs. What succeeds? What fails?

Things of that nature: Motion in the Lions offense

For Week 14, we're examining the ways and extent to which the Detroit Lions use pre-snap motion on offense, particularly as it relates to Golden Tate.

Things of that nature: A Jay Cutler Thanksgiving

For our holiday edition, we're looking at ways teams have forced turnovers by the Chicago Bears and how the Detroit Lions can do the same.

Things of that nature: Gronk up in the club

Going into Week 12, we're looking at how the New England Patriots use Rob Gronkowski and how other teams use their tight ends against the Detroit Lions.

Figuring out the Lions' guards

We're in Week 11. Let's talk about Rob Sims, Travis Swanson and modest successes in the Detroit Lions' run game.

Things of that nature: Replacing Nick Fairley

We're back from the bye week. Let's try to assess the interior of the Detroit Lions' defensive line after losing one of its most important pieces.

Things of that nature: In praise of Teryl Austin

The Detroit Lions' defensive talent has largely stayed the same, but the output is a far cry from past seasons. It's time to celebrate the team's most vital offseason addition: Teryl Austin.

Things of that nature: Life without Calvin Johnson

Sifting through what remains of the Detroit Lions offense without a wide receiver from the planet Cybertron.

Is Tahir Whitehead any good?

A look at how the third-year product of Temple University is handling his duties as the Detroit Lions' middle linebacker.

Using Eric Ebron against the Bills defense

Some lessons from the San Diego Chargers on how to attack vulnerabilities in the Buffalo Bills' coverage.

Ziggy Ansah's role in the Lions' pass rush

A look at how the Detroit Lions' seeming lack of an edge rush actually aids their pressure up the middle (featuring numerous guest appearances by Ndamukong Suh).

Getting Joique Bell back on track against Packers

Thoughts about how to revitalize the Detroit Lions' run game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 3.

Glover Quin's importance against the Panthers

A look at what the Detroit Lions' best defensive back might see in Week 2 against the Carolina Panthers.

How Reggie Bush can attack the Giants defense

Football season is finally here. Let's talk about the New York Giants and Reggie Bush.


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