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Video: Three overlooked prospects for the Lions

These three guys have been getting overlooked by many draft gurus. Jerry Mallory gives them some much deserved props as they could help the Lions in 2016.

Video: Who will be available for Lions at No. 16?

Jerry Mallory looks at four players who may now fall to the Lions at No. 16.

VIDEO to Calvin Johnson: We love you

With all the speculation and craziness surrounding Calvin Johnson possibly retiring, Pride of Detroit wants to prove they love Megatron. We also prove this has been the case for a while by looking at a snippet of a video from March of 2012. Enjoy!

VIDEO: What happened to the Lions' linebackers?

Jerry Mallory describes how the Lions LBs were viewed as one of strongest units heading into the season to now being one of the worst. What in the world happened?

Video: What if the Lions had won against Packers?

Jerry Mallory acts out the contrast of excitement for the Lions/Rams between the Lions losing last week vs. if they won.

VIDEO: Lions vs. Packers: Dab and Nae Nae edition

Jerry Mallory takes a look at what the world looked like the last time the Packers won in Detroit. Way, way back to the year...2012.

Three reasons to root for more Lions wins

After the Lions victory over Oakland some fans want them to stop winning. Jerry Mallory breaks down why this is not a good idea.

VIDEO: Time to renew hatred toward Packers

Jerry Mallory tries to rally the fanbase behind their collective hatred for the Packers.

VIDEO: Instant reaction to Thursday's firings

Jerry Mallory provides his instant analysis of Thursday's firings.

Pride of Detroit interview with Eric Ebron

Super Bowl winner Byron Chamberlin scored an interview with fellow tight end Eric Ebron for Pride of Detroit.

Three reasons why the Lions will beat the Chiefs

Jerry Mallory gives you three reasons why the Lions will come out of London victorious.

Quick reaction to firing of Joe Lombardi

Jerry Mallory gives his initial response to the firing of Joe Lombardi.

VIDEO: A Detroit Lions SOLiloquy

A despondent, but thoughtful, Jerry Mallory internally reflects on recent pain and anguish brought on by the Lions Game 7 loss to the Vikings.

Three reasons why Lions-Vikings is must-see TV

Jerry Mallory breaks down why the Lions/Vikings game is must watch TV.

VIDEO: The good, bad and ugly from Week 6

Jerry Mallory recaps the Game 6 victory for the Lions.

VIDEO: Lions look pathetic, fans apathetic

A sullen, confused and slightly apathetic Jerry Mallory reacts to the Game 5 beatdown placed on the Lions.

Ranting after the Lions' Week 4 loss

After one of the toughest regular season losses in some time (for so many reasons), Jerry Mallory let's the team have it.

Week 4 preview: Fixing the offensive line

Jerry Mallory previews the Detroit Lions matchup against the Seattle Seahawks and proposes a fix for the Lions' offensive line problems.

VIDEO: Lions vs. Chargers recap

Jerry Mallory recaps what went right and what went wrong in San Diego.

VIDEO: 2015 NFL season predictions

Jerry Mallory breaks down the the entire NFL in this 2015 season preview.

Get pumped for camp with this Lions hype video

We're less than two weeks away from the start of Detroit Lions training camp. Get hyped!

Extending Levy should be top priority for Lions

One of the Detroit Lions' top priorities this summer should be extending linebacker DeAndre Levy's contract.

VIDEO: Draft Night In Detroit

Jerry Mallory and company take a look back at what the Detroit Lions did during the first three rounds of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Jerry Mallory's seven-round mock draft for Lions

Here's Jerry Mallory's seven-round 2015 NFL mock draft for the Detroit Lions.

Should the Lions draft a RB in the first round?

Are you for or against the idea of the Detroit Lions drafting a running back in the first round?

Possible sleeper picks for the Lions

Let's examine some potential sleeper picks for the Detroit Lions.

Big names who could fall to the Lions at No. 23

Which big-name offensive linemen could fall to the Detroit Lions at No. 23?

Talking the Lions and the 2015 NFL Draft (Part 2)

Jerry Mallory wraps up his chat with's Nolan Vasan by discussing the 2015 NFL Draft as a whole.

Talking the Lions and the 2015 NFL Draft (Part 1)

Jerry Mallory chats with's Nolan Vasan about the Detroit Lions and the 2015 NFL Draft.

Which DTs could Lions target in second round?

If the Detroit Lions opt to fill their need at defensive tackle in the second round, who might they target? Let's take a look.

A farewell to Ndamukong Suh

Jerry Mallory takes a look back at Ndamukong Suh's time with the Detroit Lions and says farewell.

Potential first-round options for the Lions

Let's take a look at some players who could fall to the Detroit Lions in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Re-signing Ndamukong Suh: Evaluating his impact

Jerry Mallory wraps up his "re-signing Ndamukong Suh" series by examining what kind of impact the defensive tackle has on the Detroit Lions' defense.

Re-signing Ndamukong Suh: Evaluating the player

In the second part of his "re-signing Ndamukong Suh" series, Jerry Mallory focuses on what Suh brings to the table as a defensive tackle.

Re-signing Ndamukong Suh: Making the money work

Jerry Mallory takes a look at why the Detroit Lions should feel comfortable paying top dollar to re-sign Ndamukong Suh.

Previewing Lions-Cowboys: Detroit vs. Everybody

Get ready for Detroit Lions-Dallas Cowboys with a two-part preview from Jerry Mallory.